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Mahon Electric is a leading electrical repair company in Northwestern Ontario. We have world-class experience in motor repair and we encourage an EASA standardization of plant process. We focus on safety and quality with over 20 years no lost time incidents. Only the highest quality materials, which have been approved by Mahon Electric and NEMA Engineering, are used in all our motor repairs. We do the legwork to find the best cost solution for our customers whether repairing or replacing. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service both on and offsite.

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Mahon Electric operates out of the former Siemens repair facility with complete modern equipment including Imprex Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI system, both A/C and D/C dynamometers and a complete machine shop. All of our procedures are based on the ISO quality program which we have adopted into our own in house QA program with full documentation.

Our second facility is an 18,000 sq ft secured, heated warehouse for our new motor inventory and customer motors as part of our MMP- motor management programs. We are the current MMP providers for Resolute Forest Products pulp and paper and sawmill facilities in Thunder Bay as well as the Lac Des Iles Mine in our region. The warehouse also holds consignment stock for both Weg and Toshiba brand motors.

Weg motors are our primary line of motors, stocking up to 300HP in TEFC new motors as well as many used and rebuilt motors of various sizes that are available to our customers. Mahon Electric is the exclusive Weg stocking distributor in Thunder Bay. We have additional brands of motors to suit specific applications and metric equipment.

Four our customers we offer 24/7 service. We have in place a call out answering service and a dedicated employee to answer the call outs at all times. We have the lifting and trucking equipment and staff to accommodate emergency services.

Our primary asset is our people. Our team has an average of 24 years in the motor repair and customer service industry. For primary motor repair we have a staff of eight Technicians that provide customer confidence in quality repairs and turnover times.


is who we are

Safety is of high priority at Mahon Electric. Safe work practices and use of safety equipment is mandatory for our employees. Mahon Electric encourages monthly safety meetings as we as well monthly safety and equipment inspections.

No lost time for injuries for 20 years and yearly equipment certifications is only part of our ongoing commitment to safety.